Of Bright House

Norwegian Forest Cats


We have kittens

Welcome (N)Migoto´s Henriette

We would like to introduce you to our new addition Henriette. She has an incredible character and fits super in our team. Her crystal blue eyes fascinate me extremely. We are overjoyed to give Henriette a home and a big thank you to Eva Dahl for the beautiful young lady.

Indiana Jones of Bright House

Indi was at the World Show in Belgium 2022. I am very happy that my breeding was a part of it. Indi got the second place and lost the title because of one vote. Indi may enjoy his life place with my friend Nicole Wyss.

Isaak of Bright House

We have a new youth winner

We are mighty proud of Isaak and how he is developing.

Isaak has a wonderful home with my friend Monika Küttel.