About us

Our history

For years I had a tabby house cat, which I loved more than anything. At a cat show in 1989 I saw a Norwegian Forest Cat for the first time. In the same moment it was clear to me that if I should lose once my tiger, only a real Norwegian could be his successor.

In December 1991, we had to redeem our tiger from the cancer. He had become proud 19 years old. This all happened shortly before Christmas and I was so inconsolable that my husband suggested to set the flags in the whole Switzerland on half-mast and to proclaim national mourning.

But then he started to sweat. Christmas was coming and he remembered the agreement that the successor of our house cat had to be a tabby Norwegian. Only; at this time of the year Norwegians, which were not yet very numerous in Switzerland, were particularly rare; who had kittens to sell in winter? But he knew that this was my heart's desire and so he searched the whole of Switzerland to fulfill it for me. Then Christmas Eve came and under the tree were various gifts. When I opened a very normal looking gift wrapped in wrapping paper and bow, I held my breath:

A real brown and black tiger came out. He had remained quiet as a mouse in the package the whole time and now looked around contentedly in the new environment, comes from the breeding of Nelly Brosselard. A fantastic, unforgettable Christmas present. Still lives today, well-fed, as a neuter at our home.

He was the start of my Norwegian passion. In our small cattery we are happy about the harmony which prevails in the cat group. Our kittens grow up sheltered and accustomed to tumult by our two children Jennifer and Josiah, as well as lovingly cared for by the dogs, in the family. When they leave our house at the age of 14 weeks at the earliest, they are real cuddly tigers and very trusting. They spoil their new owners by numerous cuddle hours.

Kittens delivery

  • The kittens are delivered at the age of 14 weeks

  • The kittens will be vaccinated (twice against cat rhinitis and cat epidemic).
  • The kittens will be identified with a microchip and the identification code will be written in or on the pedigree.
  • The kittens must be neutered between 8 and 9 months!
  • The kittens are dewormed at the time of delivery.
  • The kittens receive a pedigree as well as a vaccination card
  • Leukosis (FeLV) test will not be done if parents are leukosis free. (Leukosis test/vaccination for extra charge).

I am a member of FIFe and the cat club KECB.

Our veterinarian of confidence Mrs. Spörri.